Resolution of the 2nd International Conference “Islam in Modern Secular State”, 

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, November 15-16, 2018

We, participants of the 2nd International Conference “Islam in Modern Secular State”, support the initiative of the Kyrgyz Republic to promote international dialogue and express a common desire to achieve sustainable peace and stable development of national states, to find a balance between respect for human rights and freedom, including freedom of conscience and faith, and ensuring security in society:

  • recognizing universal human values, we note the capacities and obligations of the modern secular democratic state to create conditions for developing interfaith dialogue, promote the principles of collaboration, mutual respect, tolerance and trust in society;
  • note that the universal values of Islam provide an opportunity for the harmonious development of religion in secular states, which should ensure the rule of law;
  • consider the importance of preserving and developing the national identity and cultural individuality of Muslim people;
  • consider the necessity and importance of increasing the awareness of citizens on religious issues in order to prevent religious polarization of society, and without identifying Islam with extremist ideologies;
  • recognize the significant role of youth and women in building and developing interfaith dialogue, peace and harmony in the country;
  • believe that one of the main keys to prevent and counter radicalism and extremism is to ensure justice and equality, the prohibition of discrimination, the promotion of human rights and freedom, the improvement of education and religious literacy by considering the importance of solving social and economic problems in preventing social tensions and conflicts.

We call all government bodies, public and religious institutions of the countries participating in the conference, organizations and individuals supporting this international dialogue:

  1. To develop and continue improving the system and mechanisms for the provision of education in theological and religious studies making extensive use of the peacekeeping potential of religion;
  2. To establish and develop the interaction of state bodies, public organizations and religious communities with the media and the Internet resources (social networks) for an objective and fair reflection of religious issues aimed at preserving peace and harmony in society;
  3. To highlight Islam as a religion to protect and promote gender equality and support the role of women in the society without restricting their rights and choices;
  4. To recognize the significance of youth in the social, cultural, economic and political life of countries, to promote the active role and responsibility of young citizens in the development of a diversed (pluralistic) society as well as their participation in the implementation of state policy program;
  5. To continue developing an international and regional dialogue for discussing issues of religion, the place and role of Islam in modern society and a secular state; develop and implement bilateral and multilateral mechanisms and models for the exchange of experiences, organizing discussion, inviting guest speakers and joint research projects between the participating States of the conference;
  6. To plan and conduct similar international events with the participation of youth with different faiths, religious and non-religious youth groups in order to promote the concept of the conference, enhance and disseminate theological, religious and legal knowledge on the discussed topics.
  7. To assist national authorities and international organizations in preventing and countering acts of violence and hatred, extremist and terrorist activities on a religious basis, as well as the problem of cyber-terrorism;